Jerome: Nina its not what it looks like

Nina: Really because it looks like you and Mara are kissing, you know what, were through

(Nina runs off crying)

Jerome: Well thanks alot Mara

Mick: Whats going on and why did I just see Nina crying

Jerome; Your girlfriend kissed me

Mick: Mara were over

(In the lounge Nina is crying and Sibuna exept Jerome and Mara come in)

Patricia: Nina are you Ok

Nina: No I saw Jerome and Mara kissing

Mick: Its alright Nina (Puts his arm around her)

Amber: Oh Nins you and Jerome were perfect for each other

Alfie: I'll go talk to Jerome

(In Nina and Jerome's room)

Alfie: Whats going on, why did you kiss Mara

Jerome: I didn't kiss her she kissed me

Alfie: Well go and tell Nina then

Jerome: I can't she wont even speak to me

Alfie: I'll go and tell her

(Back in the lounge, Nina has stopped crying)

Alfie: Nina Jerome says Mara kissed him not the other way around

Nina: Mara kissed him

Mick: Yeah she even told me

Nina: Oh I'm going to have a word with her

(In Mara's room)

Nina: Why would you kiss my boyfriend

Mara: (crying) I don't know it was a stupid thing, I guess

Nina: Really

(Leaves and bumps into Jerome)

Jerome: Hey

Nina: Hi

Jerome: Look Mara kissed me

Nina: (Kisses him for 10 seconds) I know that now she told me

(They hug and kiss without breaking the hug)