Nina: (Rushes at Joy and pins her against the wall), you witch get out noone likes you

Fabian: Nina let her go

Jerome: Fabian just shut up

Nina: (Lets Joy go) lets go guys

Rufus: Not so fast

Nina: Again with the popping up everywhere

Mick: (Whispers) Nina pass me that bottle

(Nina passes Mick the bottle)

(Mick hits Rufus over the head and everyone runs out)

Jerome: Is everyone ok

Sibuna: Yep

(In Nina and Jerome's room)

Nina: Ok there are five pieces in total and another key so any suggestions

Jerome: Well the box which the key opens wouldnt be in the attic again, maybe the cellar

Nina: Ok we will check the cellar tomorrow and remember stay alert

Sibuna: Night

Mara; Jerome could I talk to you for a minute

Jerome: Sure

(In the hallway)

Mara: Jerome I love you (Kisses him)

(Nina sees them kissing)