Mara: Open the pouch Nina!

Nina: (opens pouch), Well these to are pieces of the crown and this is a key

Mara: lets go tell the others

(Back at the table)

Nina: Mara and me found a pouch under a tile in the hallway and there are two pieces and a key which probably opens a box or something

Alfie: Is it alien related?

Jerome & Nina: No!

Patrica: Lets go up to the attic

Amber: Do we have to its dark and spooky and I just got my hair done

Nina: Amber

Amber; Ok fine, I'll take garlic to ward off evil sprits

Nina & Jerome: Garlic really

(At the attic)

Mick: Mara this place creeps me out

Mara: Me too

Patricia: Get used to it you two

Jerome: Guys I found a box, Nina gimme the key

(Nina hands over the key)

Jerome: (Opens the box) Look another two pieces and another key

Sibuna: Wicked

Joy & Fabian: Hello everyone