(The next morning)

Jerome: Morning

Nina: Morning

Jerome: Nina, I think Fabian might try again

Nina: Okay 2 things, 1. We have to stay on our guard and when we have Sibuna meeting someone has to check the door before we start, 2. If Fabian does try again, I'll make him regret the day he was born

Jerome: I love you

Nina: I love you too

(They kiss)

(At breakfast Mick keeps staring at Nina but noone notices)

Nina: Has anyone got anythoughts on what I said yesterday?

Mick: Well the bit where the sun and moon meet could be an eclipse or something

(Everyone stares at Mick)

Mick: What, I can be smart when I need to

Amber: What about the homework and stuff the you've been faling?

Mick: I said when I NEED to Ambs, this is way more important

Patrica: Nina, can I talk to you for a minute?

Nina: Sure

(In the hallway)

Patrica: Nina I thinks Mick likes you

Nina: What makes you say that

Patricia: Well at breakfast he kept staring at you

Nina: But he's dating Mara

Patricia: I know, I guess you're part of a love triangle, good luck

(Back at the table, Trudy comes in with breakfast)

Mick: Yeah I'm starving

Jerome: When aren't you?

(Everyone, including Mick laughs)

Mara: Nina can I talk to you?

Nina: Sure

Mara: Well, I found this jewel under my bed, but it didn't have a riddle, what if we are supposed to find them all be acident?

Nina: That could take a while

(Nina steps on a tile and it opens)

Mara & Nina:Whoa!!