(The next morning)

Jerome: Nina are you ok now

Nina: (Kisses him) Yeah

(Amber bursts in)

Amber: Morning lovebirds

Mick: Morning (Tosses Nina and Jerome blood bags)

Nina: You're the best Mick

Jerome: Type O-, thanks Dude

Mick: Anything for my friends

Nina: Mick, Amber could you tell Sibuna to meet here, Sarah told me something last night

Mick & Amber: Sure

(Sibuna come in)

Patrica: Morning walking dead

Nina: Patrica

Patrica: Joking

Mara: So whats the big news then Nina

Nina: Sarah said that there is another relic hidden in the house, called the crown of Cleopatra and that when its assembled that we have to reunite them with the cup of Ankh and The Statue of Bastet round the statue of Anubis, when the sun meets the moon.

Mick: What does it mean?

Nina: I don't know

Mick's POV

Oh my god Nina is beautiful, wait am I doing the right thing here, I mean if Mara found out she'd hate me, But Nina's so beautiful, hair long brown hair and her pale skin, and soft lips.

Whats happening to me?

End of POV