Jerome: Nina are you Ok

Nina: No, my mouth really hurts

Jerome: Nina your fangs

Nina: What

Jerome: Dont let Rufus see them

Nina: We have to get out of here

Jerome: We can't not while you're like this

(Rufus, Jack and Joy come in)

Jack: They weren't in the cellar

Jerome: Duh

Rufus: Martian whats wrong

Nina: Nothing

(Jack pulls out a cross, Nina screams)

Joy: What was that

Jerome: Anyone would think you don't have eyes or anything

(Nina and Jerome run out the door)

Jerome: That was close

Nina: Yeah lets go

(Back at Anubis)

Jerome: We need to be very careful from now on

Nina: You're telling me, why do they want the statue of Bastet, the cup of Ankh I get, but

Jerome: I dont know

(Two pairs of yellow eyes are spotted out the window)

Jerome & Nina: What the hell!!