Jerome's POV

Last night I had another one of my dreams and this time I killed Nina. We were walking in the Garden and suddenly I could hear her blood pulsalating through her veins, I grabbed her and covered her mouth, as my fangs came out I could feel Nina struggling against my grip. I began to drink and she struggled as hard as she could but I was stronger. I recolied my head, licking my lips tentaviley. I held her limp body in my hands and gently caressed her long brown hair as though it might come off in my hand, I kissed her cold lips passionetly one last time before laying her to rest amongst the flowers. I'm sorry, I whispered stroking her neck.


(The next morning in Nina's room)

Jerome: Morning babes (Gentl)y kisses her neck)

Nina: Morning (Kisses him passionetly)

Jerome: What do you want to do today

Nina: Hide the statue somewhere safe

Jerome: Like in a secret panel which only your locket can open

Nina: Good thinking, maybe we should put the cup of Ankh there too

Jerome: Good plan

(Nina and Jerome sneak up to the attic)

Jerome: Nina

Nina: Yes

Jerome: I love you

Nina: I love you too (Kisses his neck)

(Nina puts her locket up to the panel and hides both objects in there)

Jerome: That should keep them safe for now

Nina: Yeah

(In the clearing)

Jack: Ready to go ahead with the plan

Joy: yep

Rufus: Sure