Nina: Joy, Ok now I'm confused, what going on?

Joy: I was never on your side Nina, I have been working with Rufus and Jack, give me the pieces

Nina: Why should we, none of you will be able to put it together

Joy: So

Jerome: So it means you wont be able to use it, twerp

Joy: Just give them to me, oh and the Cup of Ankh too

Nina: Come on Jerome lets go and get them

(In Nina's room)

Jerome: Nina what are you doing

Nina: I'm filling the bag with rocks instead of want they want and Im going to watch when it all goes down

Jerome: Good plan just make sure if it gets dangerous, you come back Ok and take your phone too

Nina: Sure (Kisses him)

Jerome: Be careful

(Nina walks down the stairs with the bag)

Joy: Lets go

Nina: Sure (Smirks)

(At the clearing)

Joy: Ive got them

Rufus: Well done

Nina: Hey sorry to rain on your parade but I'm the one who got them you know

Jack: (Holds a stake to Nina's heart), any tricks, straight through

(Rufus and Joy unzip the bag, Nina starts sniggering)

Rufus: Rocks, clever

(Jacks about to stake Nina)

Nina: (Jumps up a tree), you'll have to do better than that

(Nina runs to Anubis)

Jack: Damn she's strong

(Nina bursts in the door locking all the windows and both the front and back doors)

Jerome: Are you alright?

Nina: Not even a scratch

(Jerome takes Nina into his room)

Jerome: (Passes Nina a blood bag), you need it

Nina:(Drinks from the blood bag), thanks

Jerome: Nina have your fangs come in yet?

Nina: No why

Jerome: Because it hurts and thats when you're at you most vunerable