(The next morning)

Nina: Morning

Jerome: Morning (Kisses her)

Nina: So I decrypted the numbers and they said Burnt Out Tree

Jerome: Lets go

(At the burnt out tree)

Nina; Maybe the trunks hollow

(Nina kicks the trunk and another leg and clue fall out)

Nina: Under where Corbirre lies, the 6th clue hides

Jerome: Well we just have to sneak into Victors office when he's out tonight

Nina: Good plan

(5 minutes before lights out Nina and Jerome are hiding in the panel under the stairs)

Victor: You have five minutes precisley, and then I shall want to hear a pin drop

(Drops pin and heads out the door)

Nina: Now's our chance

(Nina and Jerome go up to Victors office)

Jerome: Nina try under the desk

Nina: Ok, look, another piece and a picture this time, is of the mummy sarcoughagas in the hallway

Jerome: Lets move

(Down the hallway)

Nina: Found it now what

???: You give them to me

Nina & Jerome: You