Jerome: I've got it, come on

Nina: Well that was quick

(Jerome takes Nina to a crack in the wall)

Nina: Look an arm and a clue, What are you when you're not the buyer

Nina: You're the Seller so that means the next clue is in the CELLAR

Jerome: Wow

(In the cellar)

Nina: So we should probably start looking for eye of Horus' or something

Jerome: I found one

(Nina put her locket up to it and a secret panel opens)

Jerome: Gotta love that locket

Nina: Another arm and a riddle: Look no further than you need to, the riddle is behind someone small and meek

Jerome: Look no further than you need to, so that definetly means the clue is in the house

Nina: As for the small and meek part, you know that portrait of Sarah in the attic it could be her

Jerome: Good thinking, lets go

(In the Attic)

Nina: the portraits just in here

(Nina takes the portrait off the wall and puts her locket up to the panel)

Jerome: Another clue, and a leg this time: 2,21,17,13,20 14,21,20 20,17,5,5

Nina: A code maybe

Jerome: Or maybe the numbers mean letters of the alphabet

Nina; Genius (Kisses him)