Jerome: Nina, I found the head of the statue and another clue

Nina: Good, now lets get out of here its a vampire deathtrap

(Jerome and Nina leave)

(Back in the clearing)

Jack: Wow, that Nina's a tough one, since they were in the drama classroom they must have found the head and the second riddle

Rufus: Maybe, well we need those pieces as well

(Nina & Jerome were listening the entire time up a tree)

Nina: That twerp thinks he can get away with this well I'm not going to let him

Jerome: Me either

(Nina & Jerome jump down from the tree)

Rufus: Oh look its the walking dead pair

Jerome: Funny

Nina: Yeah but keep talking like that and you'll both be just dead

Jack: Now I see what you mean

Jerome: So Nina's got a bit of backbone, whats wrong with that

Jack: Nothing

(Nina walks over to Jack and kicks him in the stomach sending him into a tree)

Nina: That was for staking me in the stomach

Jerome: Nins how are you that strong

Nina: No idea, but I haven't eaten in days

Rufus: Nina have you got the

Nina; No I haven't and you will never get it anyway, and from the way I see it, you wont be able to use it you haven't got the Elixir and I threw that away so you drank the fake one, and I can't remember where I put it and If I did I wouldn't tell you

(Rufus is about to pull a cross out but Nina and Jerome jump up a tree in time)

Rufus: Damn it

Nina; Haha sucker

(Nina and Jerome run back to Anubis to read the next ridddle)

Nina: That was close

Jerome: Yeah it was

(Nina pulls out Bastets head and the riddle)

Nina: Behind the window, behind the wall the riddle you seek is behind them all