Jerome: Now what

Nina: I dont know

(Suddenly the second cellar entrance opens)

Nina: Now I do

(Nina and Jerome leave, locking the door behind them)

Jerome: Nina, i've been thinking about the riddle and the anwser is man. because babies crawl on four legs, walk on two legs and by the time their old, they use a walking stick, which represents a third leg, so the awnser is man, which probably means the clue is hidden in a statue or something

Nina: You genius (kisses him)

Jerome: Thanks

Trudy: Jerome someone is here to see you

Jerome: Jack

Jack: Hey bro

Nina: You two are brothers, cool

Jack: And who are you

Nina: I'm Nina, Jerome's girlfriend

Jack: Nice one dude

Jerome: what are you doing here

Jack: I'm visting my little brother

Jack: Well I will be popping in every now and then so you will be seeing alot more of me

(Jack leaves)

Nina: Is he a-

Jerome: No but he knows all about vampires

Nina: Ok

(In the clearing)

Jack: So before I went in they were saying that the next piece is hidden in the drama classroom

Rufus: good go there and set your traps and when we confront them have some Holy water handy, Nina, is a feisty one

(Jack leaves to go and set the trap)