Jerome: Nina how did you drain that blood bag so fast

Nina: No idea

Ghost Sarah: Nina, its not over there is a statue of Bastet find all the pieces and put it together, and protect it from Rufus at all costs, the first clue is hidden in the cellar.

Nina: Jerome, we need to go back to the cellar

Jerome: Why?

Nina: Because Sarah just told me its not over, there is another mystery the statue of Bastet and its in seven pieces just like the cup of Ankh was.

Jerome: Lets go

(In the cellar)

Nina: The first clue has to be around somewhere

Jerome: Found it

Nina: Oh let me see that

Nina: What starts off with four legs and at midday two and by the afternoon three, and the more legs it has, the weaker it will be?

Jerome: What does that even mean?

Nina: No idea

Rufus: Hello again Nina

Nina: Seriously how do you keep popping up everywhere

Rufus: Thats for me to know, and you to never find out

Jerome: Haha very funny, what are you doing here anyway?

Rufus: Looking for the cup of Ankh

Nina: well its not here and before you threaten us, no we wont tell you

Jerome: Its not even down here anyway

(Nina looks at the cellars main entrance, the door is open)

Rufus: Nina before you think about running, you and Jerome wont get out of here

Jerome: Why not?

Rufus: Because there is crosses everywhere around that door

Nina & Jerome: Damn it

(Rufus pulls out an Hourglass filled with fire ants)

Nina: More bugs, dude you need to get better tactics, because the way I see it you got stung the last time and it was pretty funny

Jerome: Yeah it was wasnt it

Rufus: These ones only attack dead things and you two are dead

Nina: Still

Jerome: Why dont you just leave and search yourself instead of threatening us

Nina: Because Jerome, that would mean him doing his own work for a change, and we both know he doesnt do his own work

Jerome: Yeah good point

(Nina grabs a bottle and hits Rufus over the head with it and catches the bugs)

Jerome: Nice one

Nina: Thank you