(Nina walks over to one of the workers)

Nina: Exuse me, where am I?

Worker: You're at a Funeral Parlour

(Nina puts her hand to her neck)

Nina: Where's my necklace?

Worker: Here

(Nina takes her locket and puts it on)

Nina: How can I get back to House of Anubis

Worker: Its just two blocks down from here and then take a right

Nina: Thanks

(Back at Anubis, Jerome is in his room)

(Nina walks in the front door)

Nina: Hello Trudy

Trudy: NINA, I thought you were dead

Nina: No the person who stabbed me missed all vital organs

Trudy: Well thats good

Nina: Where's Jerome?

Trudy: In his room

Nina: Thanks

(Nina walks into Jerome's room)

Nina: Hi Jerome

Jerome: Hi Nina, Nina!

Nina: Surprise

(Jerome hugs Nina tightly)

Jerome: I thought you were dead

Nina: I think I am, Jerome I don't think your blood went out of my system in time

Jerome: Thats bad, wait if your a vampire how did you get here in the sun?

Nina: Well I don't know, but when I was at the Funeral Parlour I was burning until I had my locket on, maybe because its the thing I died in

Jerome: Lets test it

Nina: WHAT!!, ok fine

(Nna takes her Locket off)

Jerome: 3,2,1

(Jerome opens the curtains and Nina starts to burn)

Nina: Close it

(Jerome closes the curtains and Nina puts her locket on)

Nina: So now what

Jerome: Now you need to have some human blood in order to complete the transformation

Nina: Ok but I'm not killing anyone

Jerome: Relax I'll get you a blood bag from the hospital

Nina: Be careful

Jerome: I will be (Kisses her)


When Nina walked in I could'nt belive it, I was so happy I thought I would burst, I was prepared for the worst, My blood didnt pass out of her system in time and now she is a vampire, I am happy for her but if she knows who killed her it could be disasterous.


(Nina is in Jerome's room when Rufus comes in)

(Nina hides behind the door as Rufus is about to sprinkle Holy water over Jerome's bed)

Nina: I would'nt do that if I were you

Rufus: Nina, what, I killed you

Nina: Yeah you did but I'm standing right here so I think you know what that means

(Rufus splashes Nina with Holy water and leaves)

Nina: One of these days I will kill him I swear

(Jerome comes in)

Jerome: Nina what happened

Nina: Rufus thats what

Jerome: Here drink this you need it

(Hands Nina the blood bag)

Nina: Do I have to

Jerome: Yes

(Nina drains the blood bag in 5 seconds)

Jerome: How did you do that so quick

Nina: I dont know