Nina was cheating on Fabian and Jerome Amber only knew.

Jerome:NINA NINA NINA NINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nina:What do you want I'm going somewhere.

Jerome:Where are you going?

Nina:I'm not telling. Well time to go. Bye

Nina:"closes the door and knocks on Fabian's door"

Fabian:"opens door and let's Nina in"

Nina:Fabian come let's go to the movies now.

Fabian:First we need that Jerome does not see us.

Nina:Why Fabian ?

Fabian:Uh Uh Uh

Nina:Jerome is in the shower so let's go.


Jerome is in the shower but the movie someone was there...

Fabian and Nina:"tip toeing pass the boys washroom"

Later at the movie...

Fabian:"arm around Nina"

Nina:"smiling at Fabian"

Joy:"enters the movie and gasps"

Nina:"going to get more popcorn and sees Joy"

Nina:Fabian I saw Joy I think she's spying on us