Graduation: Anubis HouseEdit

===Nina: I am going to miss this house, all the memories

Amber: I will cry in a momentEdit

Patrica: Don't! Please!

Mara: (laughs) so what are you going to do after leaving? I am going to Oxford and Jerome some how got a place there too

Patrica: me and Eddie have booked an around the world cruise, we will get married as soon as that's over

Amber: me and Alfie will move in together

Nina: I don't know. Fabian will go to America with me?

Joy: sports college for me (sighs)

Patrica: Joy! Your back!

Joy: hey guys

Mara: hows the baby?

Joy: fine... she's two

Nina: aww.... teenage mom

(Victor enters)

Victor: time to go children, say your goodbyes

Amber: we will keep in touch visit each other every month


Mara and Jerome went to Oxford with Nina and Fabian. Patrica and Eddie live in London. Joy and Mick raide thier 13 year old Lizzie and Amber and Alfie are famous.

Mara and JeromeEdit

(Jerome enters the student flat shared with Nina Mara and Fabian)

Jerome: I am back. With dinner

Nina: finally you took ages

Jerome: long cue. Mara home?

Mara: over here. I have been studying so muck my eye balls are hurting

Jerome: then rest

Fabian: Amber just landed a singing carrer and se said that she will plan a reunion

Jerome: (laughs) Amber singing

Mara: so hows the baby?

Nina: two months to go. Since uni is almost over we are getting married

Mara: congratulations guys.