(Don't read if you haven't read House of Return / House of Nothing)

House of Treasured

Nina, Fabian, Amber, Patricia, and Alfie tell Mara about the mystery, and tell her she can join in on their antics if she takes place in the initiation, the Fire of Sacrifice, and must up something she holds close to her. Whilst she looks for something in her old room with Patricia, Joy walks in and questions her. Mara and Joy fight, Mara on why Joy was mysteriously dating her boyfriend, and Joy on why Mara was in her room. Mara then goes to the Fire of Sacrifice and sacrifices the charm bracelet Mick gave her.

Mick, still upset over losing Mara, turns to Amber, but she doesn't show any emotion as the same happened to her.

Eddie is revealed to be an amazing artist, and the new art teacher, Miss Shona, takes an interest in him. When she pairs him with Nina in an assignment, they realize they get on really well, but Nina realizes she can't let herself become friends with him.

Eddie gets hungry in the night so heads to the kitchen. On the way, though, he sees Sarah's ghost.

House of Revival

Eddie, confused, tells Nina that he saw the ghost of an old lady and draws her for Nina. Nina, horrified, recognises it as Sarah and tries to lie to Eddie, telling him ghosts don't exist. Eddie won't buy it and whilst wondering around in a daze meets Ronald Zarron, who offers to help. Once he sees the picture, however, he looks excited.

Joy tells Mick they have to meet up at lunch but he turns her down, as he still loves Mara too much. He tells Mara she's the only one he wants to be with, but she corrects him saying Amber was, and now Joy is. She tells him to never talk to her again, and goes off with Amber.

Jerome, angered they didn't involve him in telling Mara, argues with Fabian before they're stopped by Alfie, who asks what the big deal is. Jerome says they still don't include him in what they do, and walks off.

Sarah comes to Nina in her dreams and tells her "a new star will rise, but will plummet from the skies."