House of Return

Nina returns to Anubis House after the summer from L.A., and is first there. She waits, but it isn't long until Joy arrives. Not knowing each other, the two girls start conversation and hit it off, realizing they have a lot in common. Patricia then arrives and when she sees Nina and Joy may be becoming friends, she gets jealous as Joy has more in common with Nina. Patricia tells Nina, out of spite, that Joy and Fabian were dating until Joy disappeared, and Nina's confused why no one told her. She asks Joy but she says its not true and they were just friends, which makes Nina feel better.

Its a while before Amber arrives, and Patricia's glad she'll take Nina away from her and Joy. However, when Alfie shows up he makes a big display about how he missed Amber and they go off together. Nina rejoins Patricia and Joy, to Patricia's resentment. Mick then arrives, and heads off to his room at once, acting secerative. Joy goes to the bathroom. When Mara shows up, she asks Nina where Mick is and she's told he's in his room, so she heads off to find him. Jerome then turns up and disappears off to his room instantly, putting a pause to Alfie's display of raps for Amber. Finally, Fabian turns up and he greets Nina and they kiss.

Mara goes to Mick's room and hears talking from inside. She forgets to knock in her excitement for seeing him, and walks in on Mick and Joy sharing some romantic time.

House of Nothing

Mara, shocked to see Mick and Joy together, storms off and Mick chases after her. When he catches her outside Anubis House, he tells her he loves her but he'd rather be friends. She asks if that's what he said to Amber and asks who'll be next, Patricia or Nina. She storms off, ending their relationship.

A new boy from America, Eddie Thomas, arrives at Anubis House. Victor shows him is room, a single-bed room similar to Mara's new room, and he introduces himself boldly to the others. Jerome appoints himself as Eddie's guide and tries to embarass him, but Eddie seems to always get the better of him, for some reason.

When Eddie trips on the "eighth stair", he asks a passer-by, Nina, what happened and she hurredly says, "Nothing, looks like you tripped", before running off, leaving Eddie confused. Nina tells Fabian and Amber that Eddie might be a danger to the secret.

Mara bursts in in tears, saddened by her break-up with Mick, and Nina gets a plan to make her feel better.

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