Anubis House students are on Facebook!

The story (after season 2 finale)Edit

Mara Jaffray went from being single to dating Jerome Clarke. Nina Martin, Fabian Rutter, Patrica Williamson and three others like this.

Mick Campbell commented "You dumped me for him?!" Alfie Lewis likes this.

Nina Martin went from being single to dating Fabian Rutter- Amber Millington, Joy Mercer and seven others like this.

Amber Millington commented "YAY! FABINA!" Nina Martins liked this.

Amber Millington and Alfie Lewis went from Single to dating each other. Jerome Clarke and Mara Jaffray and six people liked this.

Nina's status: Love is in the air!

Victor commented "It is ten o clock you have five minutes and I want to hear a pink drop"

Alfie Lewis commented "when did you get facebook? Facebook is suddenly un cool" Amber Millington, Patrica Williamson and Eddie Miller like this.

Alfie Lewis and ten other people became friends with Victor.

Victor's status: go to bed!

Jerome Clarke commented "no way, it's Saturday we are sixteen!" Joy Mercer, Patrica Williamson and Alfie Lewis like this

Mara Jaffray commented "Victor if you have facebook, does Corbierre? LOL" Nina Martin, Eddie Miller, Jerome Clarke like this

Victor commented "we are in the process of making one. Oh just go to bed!"

Fabian Rutters status: Watching Leave Brittnay Alone! Alfie Lewis likes this

Victor commented "I've seen that. Oh Corbierre has got facebook now, add her!"

Eddie Miller commented "What has a bird to to say thats readable?"

Eddie Miller posted a photo and tagged Patrica Williamson in it

Patrica Williamson commented "take it off now!" Jerome Clarke and Alfie Lewis like this

Joy Mercer's status: I'm single and ready to mingle! Mick Campbell likes this

Amber Millington commented "AH! Moy!"