This is my first story.

(Amber wakes up)

Amber: Nina, it's Christmas!

Nina: Amber it's six in the mourning let me sleep!

Amber: come on don't you want to open your presents... I heard Fabian got you something

Nina: I will open my presents when everyone else is up

Amber: fine!

(Amber goes into Joy, Mara and Patrica's room)

Mara: merry Christmas Amber

Amber: merry Christmas Mara

Patrica: did you see Victors office, Corbierre had a mini father Christmas hat!

(They laugh)

Mara: I have no idea what Jerome got me

Patrica: same with Eddie... lets go downstairs and open the presents!

(Everyone is downstairs)

Alfie: Amber you have to open mine first!

(Amber opens Alfie's present and a little black cocker spaniel jumps out)

Amber: that is so cute, open yours

(Alfie opens his)

Alfie: wow.... a DVD and a watch

(Nina opens her gift)

Nina: you don't have to spoil me Fabian but thank you it must of taken you a long time to make this

Fabian: it says your name

Nina: thank you!

(Fabina hug)

end of part 1