House of Anubis episode 2: Newbie

(The next morning at breakfast)

Trudy: Everyone, we will be having a new student coming in at lunch today, his name is Ryan Delgado *Nina chokes on her water*

Jerome: Nina are you ok?

Nina: Yeah I'm fine

Patrica: ANOTHER newbie

Amber: I wonder what he's like

Mick: Who is he rooming with?

Trudy: He will be rooming with two of the girls, since the boys' rooms are too small for another person

Joy: So which room is he in?

Trudy: Nina and Amber's

Nina: *whispers* Oh god *Runs off to her room, and doesn't come out until lunch*

  • Lunch*

Trudy: Ryan's here everyone *leaves*

Ryan: Hi Nina

Nina: Get away from me you creep

Ryan: Don't be like that

Jerome: So your Ryan, I'm Jerome

Ryan: Hi Jerome

  • Ryan meets everyone, and they have lunch*

Ryan: Nina can I talk to you for a minute?

Nina: Ok

  • In the hallway*

Nina: What do you want

Ryan: *Slams her against the wall* For us to go out again

Nina: No way in hell

  • Ryan covers Nina's mouth and drags Nina to a dark alleyway*
  • In the alley, Ryan puts a knife to Nina's neck*

Ryan: Go back out with me, or else I kill you

Nina: *crying* Ok you win, just please don't hurt me

Ryan: *kisses her* I won't, if you behave and don't call the police this time

  • Ryan grabs Nina's wrist and walks back to Anubis*