House of Anubis: Complication

(Its afternoon, Nina and Jerome are washing dishes)

Nina: Jerome, I wanna say thanks

Jerome: For what

Nina: Saving me from Rufus and just being my friend

Jerome: Well, you're welcome

  • Fabian comes in*

Fabian: Morning Nina *Kisses her*

Jerome: *under his breath* Fabian get a room

Fabian: We need the plates for dinner

Jerome: *Hands Fabian the plates* here

  • At dinner*

Amber: So Nins how is Fabina doing

Nina: Whats that?

Amber: Fabian and Nina, its a couple name, for example you and Jerome would make up Jerina

Jerome: *under his breath* That would be nice

Fabian: As if they would ever get together

Joy: Fabian can I talk to you?

Fabian: Sure

  • In the Hallway*

Fabian: Joy, I still love you

Joy: Aww Fabes, you didn't forget me

Fabian: Nope, I'm gonna go break the news to everyone

  • Back at the dinner table*

Fabian: Nina I don't love you, I never did, it was always Joy, I just asked you to the prom so I wouldn't be empty handed

Patricia: Joy is this true?

Joy: Yes he even admitted it to me in the hallway

Nina : * runs up to joy and slaps her in the face* That's what u get boy friend stealer!

Amber : You go girl.

  • Nina runs off crying, and Jerome follows her*

Nina: *crying* Hi Jerome

Jerome: Nina, Fabian was a jerk like that, he doesn't even deserve to be with someone as amazing as you

Nina: *wipes eyes* thanks, you always know how to cheer me up, don't you *hugs him*

Jerome POV

Oh my god I can't belive it, Nina actually hugged me, whats happening to me, am I in love with Nina?, I think I am


  • Everyone but Joy and Fabian come in*

Patrica: Whoa are we interrupting something?

Nina & Jerome: *pull away* No

Amber: Anyway how are you feeling Nins?

Nina: Loads better, Jerome cheered me up

Alfie: Really well thats good

Mick: I thought Fabian liked you too

Amber: OH MY GOD

Jerome: What now Amber?

Amber: Remember at dinner when I said something about Jerina, its coming true, I'm pyshic

Jerome: Theres nothing going on with Nina and me anyway

  • Fabian and Joy come in holding hands*

Fabian: Trudy said its time for bed

  • All go to bed*
  • In Jerome and Alfie's room*

Alfie: Someones got a crush on Nina

Jerome: No I don't

Alfie: mmhhhmmm

Jerome: Ok maybe I do, so what

Alfie: Ask her out tomorrow

Jerome: I'll wait, she's probably still upset over Fabian anyway

Alfie: Night

Jerome: Night