A spin off series off HOA. My own version where everyone is grown up and they have kids. This is a story by Jarafan101. It is on my Youtube channel HouseofAnubisuk.

Rutter Family:

Nina and Fabian

Kylie, Sarah and Jasper

Clarke Family:

Mara and Jerome

Robbie, Scarlet, Leo and Tasie (Leo and Tasie are 10)

Lewis Family:

Amber and Alfie

Ramona and Tyler

Miller Family:

Eddie and Patrica

Skyler and Rosie

Campbell Family:

Mick and Joy

Mason and TJ

Couple names:

Kobbie= Kylie and Robbie

Marah= Mason and Sarah

TJyler= TJ and Skyler

Tosie= Tyler and Rosie

Jarlet: Jasper and Scarlet

Rasper= Jasper and Ramona (until half way through season 1)

Episode 1:Edit

(The Rutter family arrive at Anubis House, everyone else is inside)

Nina: okay guys where here!

Kylie: I do not want to go back... I just want summer to come

Fabian: we'll be in the house next door, so be on your best behaviour

Jasper: you know I will... but they won't

Sarah: shut up Jasper

(The Rutters go inside)

Amber: Nina!

Nina: hey Amber

Amber: come inside, everyone is so excited to be teaching here!

(Living room)

Trudy: now that everyone is here, the adults can go. We also have a new house keeper, me!

Amber: okay Ramona, I will be next door so. see you soon

(They leave and so does Trudy)

Kylie: so everyone Midnight feast in the attic

Rosie: can't wait

Scarlet: I thought that we where going to unpack first

Robbie: we've only just got here Scar

Scarlet: Robbie! You know I don't like being called Scar!

(Robbie, Tyler and Rosie leave)

Sarah: hey Mason... what'cha doing?

Mason: just reading a book on Egypt

Sarah: really! You know I love Egypt

Mason: me too

(Skyler walks in)

Skyler: hey guys

Mason: hey Skyler, sit here

Skyler: no thanks, I was just looking for my suitcase.... found it (leaves)

Sarah: go talk to her

Mason: I can't... I know TJ likes her and he's my brother

Sarah: hey I heard that the Frobisher Symthe libaray is open, want to go

Mason: maybe later... see ya later (leaves)

Scarlet: I don't see why you didn't talk to him

Sarah: (sighs) forget about it... so what's with you and Jasper

Scarlet: nothing, so what I liked him a few months ago

Sarah: come on, we have to get our room sorted!

(Night, there is a massive thud)

Sarah: Scarlet, did you hear that?

Scarlet: no all I heard was Scarlet, did you hear that- (a huge thud) that I heard

Sarah: I think it was coming down the hallway (they go outside, scream)

Episode 2:Edit

(Robbie and Tyler take off there masks)

Robbie: (laughing) You should of seen the luck on your faces

Scarlet: Robbie!

(Kylie walks out)

Kylie: I heard screaming! You two are so immature

Tyler: it was funny

Robbie: she's right

Sarah: well it's eight o clock now we should go get some breakfast


Ramona: (sleeping)

Jasper: Ramona, are you okay?

Ramona: (wakes up) I wasn't sleeping

Jasper: (laughs) want more oranger juice?

Ramona: yes... Jasper I was thinking maybe we could go to the cinema to see a film

Jasper: what like a date?

Ramona: you could call it that

(Scarlet walks in with Sarah)

Ramona: hey guys me and Jasper are going to the cinema

Scarlet: great... have fun... don't get too carried away

Sarah: Ramona your like the dating guru

Ramona: thanks, maybe I could get you and Mason to join us

Sarah: he likes Skyler

Ramona: Skyler! she likes TJ. Scarlet you can go with Tyler

Scarlet: my brothers best friend, I don't think so

Ramona: it will be fun.. so tomorrow at nine?

Sarah: great we'll be there

Ramona: great, see you at school (leaves)

(School, Science Mara is teaching them)

Mara: okay guys if I used sodium compond with a covalion compond what will I get?............ oh come on guys! We've learnt this twice

(Bell rings)

Mara: okay class dismissed, Scarlet, Robbie a word please

Robbie: mum I've got football practice

Mara: I just wanted a word to tell you that-

Robbie: mum Mr Campbell is going to make me run five laps, bye (leaves)

Scarlet: can you tell us later? (leaves)

(Back at the house. Sarah is on her own in the house, Mason comes in)

Sarah: hi

Mason: hey... what are you looking at?

Sarah: (closes her laptop) nothing.

Mason: listen Sarah, I need your help

Sarah: if it's homework, no

Mason: no, it's Skyler

Sarah: oh

Mason: she likes TJ and well I need your help to make her jelous

Sarah: Mason Campbell, Alright I'll do it

Mason: you are a superstar (kisses cheek and leaves)

(A shadow appears behind the sofa, Sarah looks behind. The attic)

Sarah: guys, I think there is something worng with this house....

Robbie: your telling me! I found this stuffed bird in here, marked Corbierre on the foot

Tyler: (laughs) what name is Corbierre!?

Sarah: no it's not that it's (A glow happens in a secret door, they open it and a book is in there.....)

Episode 3:Edit

Scarlet: what was that?!

Kylie: look it's a book (picks it up) a very dusty book!

Tyler: (puts his finger on the book and licks his finger) this was here when our mums and dads went here

Robbie: the book of life? What an odd book

Sarah: (opens the book) it's someones diary, Renee Zeldemen or Rufus Zeno

Tyler: what type of name is-

Kylie: Tyler... Shut up. Sarah, I think I heard mum and dad talking about this guy

Sarah: do you think he was a friend?

Kylie: I didn't hear much

Robbie: (whispering to Tyler) she's such a know it all

Kylie: and your a brainless dumbo

Scarlet: we shouldn't be reading this- it's someone's diary

Tyler: he's got this thing called Sibuna in it

Scarlet: Sibuna? Anubis backwards

Sarah: put your hand up if you've heard of Sibuna before?

(Everyone puts there hand up)

(Living room TJ and Skyler walk in with Rosie)

TJ: hey Mason

Mason: hey guys

Rosie: waiting for someone?

Mason: yeah my girlfriend

Skyler: who's the lucky girl?

Mason: Sarah

TJ: hey, maybe we could double date sometime

(Sarah comes in)

Sarah: hey guys

Skyler: so Sarah, when where you going to tell us about you and Mason?

Sarah: it just happened...

(Tasie and Leo are in the teachers house listening in on Mara, Nina, Joy, Patricas and Ambers conversation)

Mara: In feel so sick

Nina: so do I

Amber: I have something to tell you

Patrica: I do too

Joy: same

Nina: me and Mara do too....

All: I'm pregnant! What! (girly scream) congratulations (laugh)

Tasie: they are all pregnant!

Leo: and there's me thinking that they where fat

Tasie: should we go tell them?

Leo: oh yeah (they go downstairs, Ramona and Jasper are watching TV, Scarlet is cooking something)

Ramona: don't you just love 27 dresses?

Jasper: yeah... it deserves an oscar

(Scream coming from the kitchen, Ramona and Jasper run into the kitchen)

Ramona: are you okay?

Scarlet: I burnt my hand

Ramona: on this (place her hand on the tray) OW!

Jasper: let's get some bandages, we don't want anybody getting blisters

Ramona: (rolls her eyes, she walks into Sarah's room)

Sarah: Don't you knock!

Ramona: does Scarlet like Jasper?

Sarah: isn't it odvious?

Ramona: (sighs) how dumb am I? Ever since TJ broke up with me I've been really upset

Sarah: so?

Ramona: Scarlet can have Jasper. I think Jarlet is so much better than Rasper. Bye (leaves, downstairs) Jasper!

Jasper: yeah?

Ramona: Rasper is over, you and Scarlet are like made for each other! (leaves)

Jasper: what just happened?

Episode 4:Edit

(Breakfast, Jasper is eating alone when Scarlet comes)

Scarlet: hey Jasper!

Jasper: go away will you!

Scarlet: huh?

Jasper: because of you Ramona broke up with me! So I don't want to see you agian!

Scarlet: Jasper I didn't do anything

Jasper: I thought you where good at keeping secrets, your just jelous

(Sarah walks down)

Jasper: I can't believe we where even friends!

Sarah: whats going on?

Scarlet: he thinks I broke him and Ramona up

Sarah: oh yeah that was me, she came into my room and-

Jasper: Scarlet! I am so sorry-

Scarlet: forget it Jasper! I'm going to school (walks out)

Sarah: well done!