house of vacationEdit


[it's morning everbody at breakfast ]

amber ; what's the emergancy trudy trudy ; were going on vacaion

jerome ; what trudy ; isn't it exciting nina ; were are we going trudy ; to , to EYGPT

fabian ; that's great eddie ; is victor coming trudy ; yes all ; ugh pitrica ; does he have to come trudy ; yes sweatheart , why joy ; everbody knows what that means all ; pin drop speech mick ; when are we leaving trudy ; tomorrow morning trudy ; oh and there's no school today all ; yes trudy ; you have been given the time to pack up your bags and get ready mara ; no school but what about our assiment trudy ; you can do it when we get back miss valentine dosen't mind mara ; but , but joy ; give it a rest mara mara ; i suppose your right im worring to much alfie ; you got that right amber ; i wonder if they have any egyptian shops trudy ; it's about time you started packing the day goes quickly and the more time you stay here chatting the more time you waste all ; okay bye trudy [ the girls room ] amber ; let's see i need my shoes my clothes my hanbags my makeup and my shoes my nailpolish and did i mention shoes nina ; amber we are only going to eygpt you don't need to take your hole waredrobe with you