Nina woke up to find everyone in the living room talking. "Guys?" They all stopped and looked at Nina "I think Trudy was calling for you" said Joy giving a little smile as Nina walked out the room. "That was odd" she thought to herself walking back up into her room. A few hours later Amber came up and suddenly stopped when she saw Nina "I thought you were helping Trudy" Amber began to laugh nervously "what are you hiding?" Amber quickly ran out into the room. Nina walked into the attic looking for Fabian, Amber and Alife but all that was there was a sheet covering a large object in the darkness. Nina bravley walked up to the sheet and pulled it off, to her amazment lay a machine that was flashing all sorts of different lights, when she was about to open the door she suddenly stopped. "Should I tell Sibuna?" she then remember how they had been acting odd and decided to do a solo mission. When Nina stepped inside the door shut behind her a load of buttons where flashing red, Nina began pressing all sorts and she then hit her head. When she woke up the attic looked the same and she thought that the machine was fake. Nina quickly ran downstairs "Amber?" all of a sudden a girl wearing ripped black tights and had black lipstick on tapped her on the shoulder. "You called my name?" she asked, Nina screamed when she saw Amber "what happened to you?" Amber stared at her "I've been like this since you met me" Nina ran downstairs to run into Victor "Victo-" it wasn't Victor it was Rufus "Ms Martin don't run in my hallways!" Nina walked into the living room to find Mara "there you are Nins" Mara ran to hug her "Mara, you've never hugged me before" Mara laughed "your my BFF silly of cousre we've hugged" Jerome came past wearing a blue tracksuit, he then noticed Mara "Mara come on I have loads of traning to do!" Mara and Jerome hugged, Nina didn't find anything weired about that. "Before you go do you know where Fabian is" Jerome laughed "right now he's planning on throwing a stinkbomb in Rufus's office" Nina ran to Fabians room and entered. "Nina don't you knock!" Nina looked around his room, there where no posters of the earth or any books, Nina felt like she wanted to faint "are we still Fabina?" her mouth stammering "yeah, just wait until I pull my lateset prank!" Nina couldn't believe her eyes, on her way out of Fabians room she ran into Patrica "Nina, you made me drop my boiligy book!" Patrica was neatly dressed and behind her was Eddie trying to get Patrica to notice him "hi Eddie!" Nina said, Eddie blushed as Patrica looked behind "Eddie want to have lunch sometime?" Eddie nodded and ran into his room.

Chapter 2 coming soon.

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