Getting Her Back

Chapter 1- A New Mystery Unveils

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Nina's POV-

"Nina! Don't do this!" I heard Fabian cry after me. I turned around, knowing that if I put this mask on, I could save Gran, Amber, Alfie, Patricia and especially Fabian. I took the gem from Eddie and placed it into the hole on the dull-colored mask. I took all of my courage and put the mask on. The once dull-colored mask turned into a bright, shiny gold and Senkarah appeared.

"Well done, child!" Senkarah applaud.

"Let my friends go!" I yelled with strength in my attitude.

"Your friends shall now be free of the curse, for I need no more of them, but you shall not speak to me with that tone!" Senkarah cackled. I looked through the mask and saw the black spirit preforming a chant. "I will finally be a God to reign in the the Underworld!" Senkarah yelled. Then, I saw Senkarah's spirit go straight to me and into me.

"Nina!" Fabian yelled.

"I'm doing this for you guys!" I screamed back.

"You don't have to!" Amber screamed.

"Don't worry about me!" I said with a smile. Then a light flashed before my eyes, dragging me into a hole leading to the Underworld.

Fabian's POV-

"Nina!" I yelled trying to stop her. Suddenly, a bright line shined in our faces and we shielded our eyes, backing down. Once the light died down, I ran over to Nina's spot, now empty. "Nina!" I yelled one more time.

"Nins!" Amber yelled, trying to call her best friend back. Victor slid down the wall and gave a look of disappointment and failure. Victor walked up and left the library, sulking.

"Nina!" I yelled again.

"No!" I screamed as I kicked a crate.

"Wait, look a that." Amber pointed to the crate.

"What?" I asked befuddled.

"Look over there!" she yelled. I looked over to the spot that the crate once stood. We walked over to the wall and inspected the message.

The place in which Hapi calls home,

Is where you will find a dome,

This shall be the first new part,

Find all and you can save her heart.

"What does this mean, Fabian? Does this mean we have another mystery we have to solve?" Amber asks me nervous. My face started to light up and lips cracked a smile. Amber looked at me as if I just got hit by a metal rod and I was acting crazy.

"I'm afraid we do, Amber, but this time, we can get Nina back." I replied.

"We can?" she asked jumping up and down.

"We can!" Patricia verified, nodding her head in the process. We all got into a group hug and pulled back. Patricia looked at Amber, Amber looked at Alfie, Alfie looked at Eddie, Eddie looked at Jerome, Jerome looked at Joy and Joy looked at me.

"Ready?" I asked.

"Ready!" they all replied.

"For Nina and for us! Sibuna!" I said as we all placed our hands covering our left eye. "Were going to get you back, Nins!" I though to myself. We all walked back to Anubis House and Mara came in looking suspicious.

"Why were you late for your father's hearing! You know how much this meant to Poppy! You stood us up!" Mara scolded at Jerome. Jerome gave Mara a smile and Mara slapped him on the arm again. "Why are you smiling? This isn't a smiling matter!" Mara yelled at Jerome again. Jerome took something out of his pocket and held it to the light. "Jerome! Is that the gem that I think it is?" Mara exclaimed. Jerome nodded his head and lifted Mara up from the floor and spun her around. Once he finished spinning Mara, I grabbed Jerome by the hand and led him to the kitchen where all the other Sibuna members were. I grabbed the gem from Jerome's hand and held it out for everyone to see.

"Where did you get that?" I asked him.

"Yeah, I gave that to Nina, just before, you know, she fell down the hole." Eddie exclaimed, slowing down at the last part of the sentence.

"A magician never reveals his secrets, but when you guys were busy talking Nina out of putting the mask on, I took the gem from the mask." Jerome explained.

"Why?" I asked him.

"If the gem isn't complete without the mask, Senkarah will never become whole with Nina." he explained.

"How did you know all this information?" I asked him.

"Jasper told me." he replied.

"-It doesn't matter, anymore! What matters is that we solve this mystery and get Nina back!" Amber said cutting me off. We all agreed and sealed our conversation with "Sibuna". I walked up into my room and sat down on my bed and sighed.

"Hey! No worries! We are going to get Nina back if that is the last thing Sibuna does!" Eddie said.

"Thanks Eddie." I smiled.

"We are going to get you back Nina, if that is the last thing I ever do!" I though to myself. I imagined Nina giving me a smile in my head.

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Chapter 2

Getting Her Back

Chapter 2- Finding Answers

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3rd Person POV-

The next morning, the seven teenagers ran into the dining room. Joy held out a small notebook and everyone gave her a look.

"What?" she asked. The other six decided to ignore her and turned back to each other.

"I wrote down the riddle." she said as she flipped through pages. "Ah, here!" she exclaimed as she found the page.

"The place in which Hapi calls home, Is where you will find a dome. This shall be the first new part, Find all and you can save her heart." Fabian recited.

"Well, this shall be the first new part, find all and you can save her heart, must mean that if we find all of the part, we can save Nina!" Eddie exclaimed.

"But who is Hapi?" Patricia asked.

"I don't know." Fabian replied. "How about we do some research at the library?" Fabian suggested.

"Yeah, I'll go with you Fabes." Joy suggested. Amber gave Joy a look and turned to Fabian.

"Fabian, I'll go with you since we are the founders." Amber said trying to save Fabian and Nina's chances of becoming a couple.

"That seems logical." Jerome said. "Wow, I have to stop hanging out with Mara." he joked. The six teenagers sat down on the chairs and ate, knowing that Nina would be OK.

~After School~

Amber's POV-

"Let's go Fabian!" I yelled at Fabian pulling him to the library. We went into the library and went up to the balcony. Fabian and I started searching for some books on Hapi.

"What are you guys doing here?" We heard a voice scolding on us. We turned around and let out a sigh of relief. It was just Trudy.

"Trudy, do you know anything about something called Hapi?" I asked her.

"Hapi. It sounds familiar. I think it was a god or something along that line. Why?" she asked us.

"Nothing! It's just for a-a- a project!" I said trying to make up an excuse.

"Very well, carry on!" Trudy said. I pulled Fabian to one of the book shelf that has the books on gods.

"Got it!" Fabian yelled. He took the book from the self and showed me. He then set the book on the table and flipped through pages.

"The place in which Hapi calls home, is where you will find the dome." he recited from his memory, "It must be the Nile River. Hapi is the god of the Nile and the Nile is probably where he lives, but how are we going to get water from the Nile?"he asked me.

"Lets go tell the others!" I exclaimed. He took the book and shoved it into his bag and we ran back to Anubis House.

Nina's POV-

I walked with El Amaan, the Keeper of the Sacred Knowledge and entered the Heart of Sphinx. In front of me, I saw a stairway of stone steps. I walked down the first step and then walked down 12 more steps. I entered a system of catacombs with walls that displayed symbols that linked to Earth and the other world. I walked through the catacombs and I looked at the hieroglyphics, which seemed to tell a story. I stopped and I walked up to the patterns and I touched it. The hieroglyphics awakened something within my soul. Then, I am joined by a man with the body of a human and the head of a jackal. I was in the presence of Anubis. There next to Anubis was a giant scale. One side held a hear and another side held an feather. The side of the feather dropped and the heart rose.

"Descendent of Amneris, please come forth and take your reign as God of just and truth." Anubis said. I walked to Anubis and I felt a atrocious pain on my arm.

"I may be forgotten by my people, but I will not be forgotten by the Chosen One!" Senkhara roared. Senkhara's spirit came out from me and faced Anubis.

"Senkhara, the forgotten ruler and the killer of King Tutankhamen. You shall not enter the reign of a god!" Anubis hissed.

"I shall enter as a god along with the Chosen One!" Senkhara said. Anubis cursed under his breath, knowing that Senkhara outwitted him. Senkhara united back with me and we walked over to the portal that will lead us to the after life.

3rd Person POV-

"Patricia! Eddie! Alfie! Jerome!" Amber yelled for her friends.

"What?" they asked annoyed.

"We know the first part of the riddle!" Fabian exclaimed. The friends jumped up and down, knowing that they could save Nina's life.

"So, how do we save her?" Jerome asked.

"The place in which Hapi calls home. Hapi is the god of the Nile. The Nile must be his home." Fabian explained.

"How about the second part? The part about the dome?" Patricia asked.

"We don't know." Fabian said sadly.

"What are you delinquents still doing here?" Victor roared, "The last period bell hasn't rung!" The Sibunas ran back to school and ran into Mr. Sweet's classroom.

"Why are you all late?" Mr. Sweet asked them. Eddie gave his father a look and Mr. Sweet decided to forgive them.

"Well, we're learning about the Periodic Tables of Elements." Mr. Sweet explained, "Fabian, tell me another name for Sodium Chloride."

"Table salt, right?" Fabian replied. Mr. Sweet nodded his head.

"Today we are going to do an experiment. We are going to make sodium chloride." Mr. Sweet said. Then, Mr. Sweet took out test tubes and a bowl and showed the students the instructions to make sodium chloride.

"-and that's how you make Sodium Chloride! Now try it on your own!" Mrs Sweet said proudly. He handed out test tubes and bowls for everyone to make Sodium Chloride, but a certain bowl got Fabian's attention. He slapped Amber, by accident, and pointed to the bowl.

"Fabian! What's that for!" she shouted. Fabian shushed the ditzy blonde and calmed her down.

"That bowl, it different than the other ones." he explained,

"So?" Amber questioned.

"That bowl is gold, it has egyptian hieroglyphics,picture of Hapi on it and it's shaped like a dome when it's upside-down! I think we have found our dome!" Fabian excitedly said. Amber and Fabian high-fived each other and went over to the boy with the bowl.

"Thank you!" Amber said taking the bowl away from the boy.

"Hey!" he complained. Amber went back to her seat and smiled at Fabian. Fabian gave a look of surprise and proceeded to make Sodium Chloride.

Nina's POV-

"Welcome Nina, God of Just and Truth." Isis welcomed.

"Have you forgotten about me, Isis?" Senkhara asked the mother of all gods and goddesses.

"I haven't Senkhara. You shall be serving as Nina's adviser." Isis scoffed.

"What do you mean? I become a god if Nina becomes a god? This was told by the prophecy!" Senkhara complained.

"Ah, but is the gem within the mask?" Isis challenged. Senkhara looked at my mask and growled.

"Those insolent children took the gem from the mask!" she defended.

"Then you shall not become God!" Isis yelled, causing the room to tremble. Isis looked at me and gave me a nod. I gave her a friendly smiled and thanked her.

"Welcome to the afterlife, child." Isis welcome. Then, my smile became a frown.

Amber's POV-

After the last period bell rung, I decided to declare a meeting in the common room. "We found the dome in the riddle!" I told them. Everyone cheered and I shushed them.

"Wait. What do we do with the dome?" Jerome asked. I shrugged my shoulders and turned to Fabian.

"So? What do the hieroglyphics say?" I asked him.

"I'm still trying to decipher them, give me a second." he replied. He studied the bowl and it's hieroglyphics and wrote the hieroglyphics down on a sheet of paper. Then, he shot up from his seat and smiled. "I think I got it!" he said. We looked at the sheet of paper and there was the riddle.

In this house there is a friend,

Who will need to make amends.

Find the tears of a fox,

And a reminisce from a box.

Then you'll need to feel no guilt,

A new friendship has been built.

After we all finished reading the riddle, we all looked towards Joy.

"What?" she asked us.

"You are the on who needs to make amends and you do live in this house." Eddie stated. Patricia whacked her boyfriend and gave Joy a sympathetic look.

"Yeah! I do need to make amends with Nina, but how? She is in the after life!" Joy screamed. Joy looked over to Fabian and he had a sad look on his face. Joy choose to ignore Fabian's facial expression even though it made her feel heartbroken and guilty inside.

"Look, we figure out a way later. For now, we have to wait till tomorrow. Sibuna?" I proposed.

"Sibuna!" we all said lifted our hands and placing it over our left eye.

Until next time,

May the DestinyStars shine!

Chapter 3

Getting Her Back

Chapter 3- More Tasks

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3rd Person POV-

A few hours later, Trudy called for supper and Alfie and Jerome rushed into the dining room. Suit, Fabian, Patricia, Eddie, Joy and Amber walked into the room and sat down in the chairs.

"So, Joy? Did you find a way to make amends?" Amber teased Joy.

"Hahaha." Joy said sarcastically. Amber and Joy haven't been the best of friends ever since Joy kissed Fabian.

"Will you two stop bickering! We have to decipher this riddle! We still don't know what fox it is!" Fabian yelled.

"It could be the fox in Victor's office! I've seen it before." Eddie suggested. The teenagers tried to hatch a plan to distract Victor, but so far, they had nothing.

"Wait, here!" Alfie said. Alfie ran into his room and started to search through his box of junk. In it was a Frankenstein mask, left over itching powder, a pair of walkie-talkies, a picture of him and Amber, a set of ping pong paddles and a fake spider. He grabbed the fake spider and ran back downstairs. He threw the fake spider near Trudy and he ran back into his seat.

"Ahhh!" they heard Trudy yell. Trudy dropped her plates and jumped on top of the chair. As Victor entered the kitchen, the Sibunas ran up to Victor office to look for the fox while Jerome stayed behind to be the look out for Victor.

"So, what do we do with it?" Alfie asked as they found the stuffed fox.

"He's coming back!" Jerome warned them. Eddie grabbed the fox and they ran out of the room. Then, Eddie ran towards his and Fabian's room and stuck the fox in the closet. After, Eddie casually walked back to the dinner room.

"What did you do to Victor's stuffed fox?" Patricia asked him.

"I hid it." Eddie smirked. Patricia raised her eyebrows at Eddie and rolled her eyes. Patricia gave Eddie a kiss on the cheek and his face lit up. After four periods past, they met up again in the common room.

"So, how are we going to make the fox cry?" Fabian asked.

"Maybe there is a button or a lever!" Alfie suggested.

"I don't think there will be a lever or a button on a stuffed fox." Jerome said.

"Maybe it's in it." Eddie said. Amber got out her kit and she took out a pocket knife. Eddie took the pocket knife from Amber and took a breath. He sliced open the fox's fur and skin and it revealed a small bottle.

"We've got our fox's tears!" Amber cheered. "Figure out the next part of the riddle tomorrow?" Amber proposed. They all nodded their heads and said "Sibuna".

The next day, Joy took out her small notebook and held it out for everyone to see. She took out her pink fluffy pen and check off the column that said, "Find the tears of a fox".

"What's next?" Amber asked.

"Reminisces from a box." Joy told them.

"Reminisces are like events or memories." Fabian told them. "Maybe theres a certain memory they want us to find and it is in a box." Fabian said.

"How about a diary or a journal. They keep a lot of memories and I know Nina has one in a box." Patricia stated. They all ran up to her room and Amber went under her bed and took out her diary. "Should we really be invading her privacy? I mean, wouldn't Nina be mad. There might be somethings in there that she might not want to tell people about." Patricia said folding her hands. "I'm just using this as an example, but there can be somethings about Fabian in there that might be bad." she warned.

"What ever. This is life and death we are talking about!" Amber yelled. She opened her diary and she turned her back towards the Sibuna. "Go Nina! Awwww! That is so adorable!" Amber commented as she flipped through pages.

"So? What's in there? Anything about the riddle?" Patricia asked Amber.

"No, but there was a lot of things about Fabian." Amber replied eyeing Fabian. He blushed a bright scarlet and Eddie gave him a high-fived. Joy gave Amber a angry look and stormed out of the room. "Well, if it's not Nina's diary, we must have got the riddle wrong." Amber stated.

"No, we are correct. It isn't Nina's diary though. Nina's diary are filled with entries about last term and Fabian, not entries during Robert Frobisher-Smyths time." Patricia said emphasizing Fabian's name.

"Yeah, so it must mean Sarah's diary!" Amber said. In Nina's box, they found another leather bound diary with a clasp. They opened the clasp and Amber flipped through the pages.

"So? What do we do with it?" Alfie asked the group.

"How about I read it and when I find something, I'll tell you?" Amber told him. They all agreed and made some jokes about Amber. Then, they ended their meeting and walked back into their rooms. The next day, they decided to convene again.

"Now we have to find a way to get the tears from the fox." Joy recapped.

"I don't like foxes. They are very sly and cunning according to the stories daddy told me." Amber added. The group laughed at Amber's witty comment.

"Wait, maybe the fox isn't a fox." Patricia said.

"I don't get it. How can a fox not be a fox?" Amber asked the group.

"Jerome is sly and cunning. Why don't we just hit him with a bat and collect his tears?" Alfie suggested.

"No, we aren't going to hurt anyone in the process, Alfie." Amber scoffed. Then, all eyes turned to Joy.

"Joy is sly and cunning and she does have to make amends to Nina." Patricia stated.

"How are we going to get Joy's tears?" Alfie asked.

"You can keep your eyes open for ten minuets." Eddie suggested. Patricia slapped her boyfriend playfully on the arm and rolled her eyes.

"We can make you chop onions!" Aflie suggested. Joy gave Alfie a look and raised her eyebrows.

"You can watch a chick flick." Jerome suggested. All eyes turned to Jerome and Jerome put his arms up in surrender.

"Whatever we do, how about we save it for later, OK? We only have three more minuets and then we have to go to school!" Joy stated. They collected their jackets and backpacks and ran out the door, hoping to make it to class on time.

Nina's POV-

"Nina? Do you want to be a god?" Isis asked me. I didn't know how to answer, so Isis gave me a sympathetic look. "Nina, I am within knowledge that you don't want to become a god. I shall give you the time of the crossing of Ra to visit your friends down on Earth. Then, you shall return back to the afterlife." I ran from my throne and gave Isis a hug. "I may be the mother of all gods and goddesses, but I do have a maternal side." she smiled.

"May I go, Isis?" Senkhara asked.

"Why won't you ask your master? I am in no position to tell what to do. That is the job of Nina." Isis scoffed.

"May I go, master?" Senkhara hissed at me. I knew what she was going to do. She was going to get the gem back from Jerome.

"No!" I told her. Suddenly, I felt a pain in my arm. I held it and bit the bottom of my lip.

"Senkhara!" Isis hissed. Then, the pain felt slighter and slighter and then the pain ceased to exist. Senkhara turned into her spirit form and flashed out of the room.

"Isis? How come Senkhara can cause pain to me, but you can't stop her?" I asked Isis.

"My darling, I would stop the pain bearing on your arm, but it would cause an unbalance in the links of Earth and the afterlife. See, you are still a mortal, but since you are a decedent of Amneris, you were allowed to reign as a god in the afterlife. That is why you are allowed to visit the mortal world." she told me. I nodded my head and smiled a cheery smiiled. "Use this door to enter back to the mortal world. When the crossing of Ra is done, you shall return back through the portal that I will open for you. Understand?" she explained. I nodded my head again and proceeded to walk trough the door. I entered the living room and I wondered around. It seemed to be empty, so I went up to me and Amber's room. As I walked in, I noticed that my bed was still made and my school uniform was neatly folded on top of my bed. Then, I heard someone unlock the door. I heard a scream and I covered my ears.

"What's wrong Amber!" I hear a familiar voice ask. I turned around and Amber was pointing to me. "Nina? Is it really you?" Fabian asked. I nodded my head and ran over to him to give him a hug. "I thought you were in the afterlife serving as a god!" he exclaimed.

"Wha-" Patricia started, "Nina!". She ran over to me and gave me a hug. Then, Eddie followed Patricia and gave me a hug as well. Soon, I was giving everyone hugs and greetings.

"So? How are you back? Aren't you supposed to be like dead?" Joy asked me. I rolled my eyes at that comment and I started explaining.

"Since Jerome took the gem from the mask before I went to the afterlife, only I serve as the god of just and truth. Senkhara is now my adviser." I explained. Then, Senkhara appeared.

"How dare you use that title with my name! Remember, I still have control over you!" Senkhara cackled. She turned into a puff of smoke and left the room. I clutched onto my burning arm and I lifted up the sleeve of my fine, woven, linen dress with designs of gold and showed everyone my burning mark.

"How come Senkhara can still control you even though she is your adviser?" Fabian asked. I gasped for some air and I blacked out.

"Nina?" Fabian said as I opened my eyes. "Are you OK?" he asked me. I nodded my head and stood up from my bed.

"Isis said that if she stops Senkhara from controlling me, there would be some type of unbalanced force between the afterlife and Earth." I explained. I walked towards the window and undid the blinds. I opened the window and I breathed a breath of fresh air. "Anyways, I have only one day here. Then, I'm back in the afterlife." I explained. "Nina, we kinda found some riddles and it said if we finish the mystery, we would be able to save you!" Amber told me. I gave her a smile and she hugged me. "Oh yeah! That reminds me, we need Joy to make amends to you for a part of the riddle." she explained to me.

"I'm all ears." I told Joy.

"Look Nina, I'm sorry for the whole jealousy thing. I think that I was just jealous that you kind of came and replaced me. It isn't like me to go around stealing people's boyfriends and friends. I know this is part of the riddle, but I do truly mean to apologize to you for the mean articles I wrote about you. You are an amazing granddaughter and friend. You would risk your life just to save ours and I will repeat one more time, I'm truly sorry." she said. I nodded my head and shook her hand. Fabian took out a small bottle and collected Joy's tears. He gave the bottle to me and I felt that it wasn't right.

"It's not it." I told Fabian.

"What do you mean it's not it?" he asked me.

"What I said was really what I meant!" Joy defended.

"No, it doesn't have anything to do with you. It just doesn't feel like the right ingredient for the mystery." I stated.

"Wait, how do you know?" Alfie asked.

"Alfie, I'm the god of truth and just." I retorted.

"Fair enough." he said. I giggled and turned back to Sibuna.

"How about we save this for tomorrow. I need to spend some time with you guys before I go back to the afterlife." I smiled. We all nodded our heads and stood up from the couch.

"Sibuna?" I told them.

"Sibuna!" they replied. We lifted our hands and placed it over our left eye. It has been a long time since I have done that. Amber and I walked back to our rooms, but I felt someone touch my arm. I turned around and saw Fabian. I gave him a smile and he returned one back.

"Sweet dreams." he wished.

"You too." I replied back. As I entered my room, Amber pulled me onto her bed.

"Nina, I know you'll be angry, but just hear me out. We only read your diary because we needed it for the mystery. Anyways, we've found the second part. It should be in Sarah's diary." Amber told me. I grabbed Sarah's diary from Amber and started to flip through the pages. I flipped to the thick, back cover and there was a shape of the Eye of Horus imprinted on it. I took my necklace and I placed it over the imprint. A secret drawer was hidden in the thick, back cover. I grabbed the piece of paper in the drawer and ran over to Fabian's room.

"Fabian! Look at this!" I told him. I walked over to his bed and I sat down. Eddie jumped up from his bed and walked over to Fabian's bed and sat down too. Then, Amber came barging in and sat down on Fabian's bed. I opened the small piece of paper and let him investigate it.

The room behind the golden mask,

Reveals another set of tasks,

Only enter if you are brave,

Then you shall get the girl you save.

"What does this mean, Fabian?" Amber asked.

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Chapter 4

Getting Her Back

Chapter 4- Sweet Dreams

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Nina's POV-

"What does this mean Fabian?" Amber asked.

"It means we have another riddle to solve" I answered.

"Look, we are going to save you no matter what!" he said with assertiveness. I gave him a smiled and he returned one back. "All we have to do is find the new set of tasks behind the fake Mask of Anubis and get you back." he ordered. "Sibuna!" he said.

"Sibuna!" the others replied back. We all got their amulets, each one with a different picture and wore them around their necks. We slowly turned the knob of the bedroom door and creeped out trying to make as little noise as possible. Then, we walked down the staircase and stood in front of the cellar door. I took a deep breath and took the bobby pin out of my hair and stuck it into the lock, trying to release it. Click! I took the bobby pin out of the lock and gave it to Amber, who stuck it into her jacket pocket. I opened the door and we all walked down the cellar steps. Then, we walked through the bridge and through the empty rooms. Finally, we reached the chamber in which the fake Mask of Anubis was hidden.

"Read me the riddle." I asked Joy.

"The room behind the golden mask, reveals another set of tasks. Only enter if you are brave, then you shall get the girl you save." she repeated.

"Shouldn't there be a button or a lever?" Eddie asks. I nodded my head and used the key to open the door to the glass case. I took out the mask from it's stand and I gave it to Amber to hold. I looked inside of the case and looked for a lever or a button.

"It's not there." I told them.

"What? What do you mean there is not button or lever? We have to save you!" Amber started freaking out.

"It's not there." I repeated. I fell to the floor and knew that I would be stuck in the afterlife forever.

"Nina, your locket!" Jerome yelled. I looked up and took both my glowing locket and the fake mask and held it up towards my face. I noticed a shape of the Eye of Horus on the mask. I took my locket and I opened the cover of it. I started rubbing the photo of Sarah and I felt something hard and small under the photo. I took the photo of Sarah out and it revealed a green gem. I took the gem and I stuck it in the hole on the top of the mask. The mask turned from a dull-gold to a bright yellow. I took the bright-yellow mask and I wore it, revealing a small red button. I went over to the case and I pushed the button. I heard the sounds of an old wall rising and I turned around.

"You did it!" Fabian said, picking me up in the air and spinning me around.

"Nina, my child, you only have a few more hours left, then you return back! Use your time wisely!" Isis warned me.

"Nina? Are you all right?" Patricia. I nodded my head and continued to walk to the new tunnel. We walked inside and in the room there was a large table in the middle of the room and hieroglyphics on the wall. Fabian walked over and started to examine the hieroglyphics. I walked to the large table and wondered what it was used for. Then something caught my eye. There was a small sign with more hieroglyphics on it.

"Fabian! Come here! Look at this!" I excitedly told him. "Can you decipher these?" I asked him. He took a picture of the wall, table and the small sign.

"Guys, it's getting late. Sibuna?" Alfie said.

"Sibuna!" we all answered back. We all walked through the empty rooms and crossed the crocodile bridge. Then, we all exited out the cellar door, walked up the staircase and went into our rooms. As I entered, I noticed that I was still wearing my fine, woven, linen dress with gold striping.

"Amber," I laughed, "I'm still wearing my goddess outfit." She went into the closet, got a pair of pajamas and threw them at me. "Thanks." I said, giggling. She came up to me and gave a tight hug.

"We are going to get you out of the afterlife, Nins. I promise!" she said. I hugged her back and then I went to the bathroom to change. As I was walking to the bathroom, Fabian was waiting for me. I went up to him and gave him a hug.

"I missed you, Fabian!" I told him.

"Me too." he stated. We then released each other from our hugs. "You look beautiful today." he said. He made me blush a rosy pink.

"I know, my dress is beautiful." I stated.

"No, you are b-beautiful in general." he said stuttering. I blushed again and gave him another hug.

"Thanks Fabian. It really means a lot to me." I told him.

"Well, goodnight. Sweet dreams." he told me.

"You too!" I replied.