Fabina b4 joy n him kiss

Fabin :):):)


Nina :):):)

Fabina b4 joy n him kiss

Awww So Cute

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Nina: *gasped*

Jabian: *Kissing*

Amber: *coming by Nina*

Nina: *crying*

Amber: what's wrong? whats happened? tell me

Nina: (crying) Fabian was kissing Joy

Amber: (walks in the room stops the kiss and punches Fabian on shoulder)

Amber: fell on Joy's lips did you, you are dating Nina? How could you!!!!

Fabian:(stutters) I thought she was Nina

Amber:She is breaking up with you so deal with that!! and you are kicked out of Sibuna

Fabian: But I do the puzzles and solve the clues

Amber:Too bad shouldn't have kissed Joy should you!!

Nina:(comes down the stairs)

Nina:*Slaps Fabian on the cheek *

Amber:*walks in the room where Joy is*

Amber:(slaps Joy)

Amber: i believe you owe Nina an apology

Joy: never Fabian is MINE!!!!

Fabian:I thought you were Nina shes the only girl i love you were merely just a kiss

Joy:*bleak face*

Fabian: *Kisses Nina passionately*

Joy:*bleaker face*

Amber: too bad Joy it was never gonna happen

Joy: you will all pay all of you!!!! *dramatic face*

Nina : Sorry for slapping you i over reacted

Fabian : I Forgive you


School the next day (bell rings)

Joy:"walks up to Nina" you little witch break up with Fabian.NOW!!

Nina: why?

Joy: Because I love Fabian and he was mine's first now stay away from him!!

Nina: NO!!!!!! He's my boyfriend and i love him im not gonna give him up for you!

Joy: Fine but i will get you out of the picture, and when I do he will be MINE!!!!!! "slams locker"

Nina: Yeah Right!!!

Talent Show that Night

Announcer: And next is Nina Martin


Joy: "cuts lights"

Nina: Trippin' out, spinnin' around, I'm underground, I fell down "screams"

Lights: "almost hits Nina"

Audience: "gasp"

Joy: Crap

Nina: "panting"

Fabian: Nina!!!! "Runs on stage" Are you ok!!!

Nina:(crying) I want to go home

Mrs. Andrews: We're going to reschedule to next week

Nina: I feel safe with you, Fabian "kisses him"

Audience: Awwww

Nina: I love you

Fabian: I love you too


Amber: Awwwwwwwwwww

Fabina: "Walks back to house of Anubis House, hand and hand"

After school Next Day

Fabian: "comforts Nina"

Nina: I can't believe the lights fell

Fabian: It didn't fall, someone cut it

Nina: Really

Amber: "walks in room"

Fabian: Is there anyone who would want to do that to you

Nina: Umm... Joy

Fabian: No I don't think she would do that

Nina: We got in a huge fight in school

Amber: Fabian, without Nina Joy would have an open door

Nina: And after the fight she said she will get me out of the picture

Fabian: Maybe

That night

Nina: Who's there

Black Figure: "appears"

Nina: Who are you

Black Figure: "Rises broken glass"

Nina: "screams"

Black Figure: "Lowers glass"

Nina: "Gets up and runs" Help there's someone in here

Fabian: Nina!!!!!!!!

Black Figure: "Stabs Nina"

Puddle of blood: "Appears"

Patrica: I'm sorry

Patricia, Mara, Eddie, Jerome, Alfie, and Fabian: "turns to leave"

Mara: "Leaves to call the ambulance

Nina: "Taps on door"

Fabian: Nina we'll get you out ok. Trudy!!!!

Victor: "Walks in" Well, well, well what is all the- "See's blood"

Patricia: Nina was stabbed!!!

Joy: "Enters room" What going on

Fabian: Nina was stabbed!

Joy: "Innocently" Really

Eddie: "Breaks down door"

Fabian: "Picks up Nina"

The hospital

Patricia, Fabian, and Amber: "Walks in"

Fabian: Hey Nina

Nina: (weakly) Hey Fabian

Fabian: Do you know who stabbed you

Nina: No but who ever cut the lights did it

Amber: I think Joy did it

Fabian: No, she wouldn't try to kill Nina

Nina: Fabian, she said she will get me out of the picture

Amber: See

Fabian: Who Knows I'm Gad your ok thought

Patrica: Yayy Captain Nina is ok I'm Hating Joy right Now

Amber: i Love Fabina I HATE Jabian

Nina:can we have a minute

Patrica and amber: kk


Fabian: Please don't break up with me ill be lot so ........

Nina: I'm not breaking up with you

(Nina Grabs His Scarf and kisses him)

Fabian: Oh ok


(Joy enters)

Joy: Listen I love Fabian and he is just trying to be nice he loves me

Nina: No he loves me

Joy: No one likes you, you took my spot

Fabian: Joy

Joy: I love you more than Nina loves you

They(Jabian) Kiss

Amber: What is going on now

Joy: Amber

Amber slaps Joy

Joy gets into a fight with Amber and Joy wins

Amber: I'm sorry I tried to defend for you Fabian

Fabian: How could you do this Joy?

Joy: You little coward; you throw everything away for that American brat yet you hate me for this

Joy cries and leaves the room

Fabian tries to stop her from leaving the hospital

Fabian: I would never throw anything away for you and Im sorry if this is true to you

Joy: Well what about Nina

They Kiss for more than a minute

Amber comes out and slaps Joy

Joy slaps Amber back

They all walk back with Nina and Fabian have shared a kiss

Joy: You don't love me do you

Joy walks out again

Nina: Don't go; Do you love Joy

Fabian: No I love you but Joy and I have been friends long before you came

Nina: Oh

Amber: Because Nina has been gone far you niw throwing away Nina

Fabian: No

Joy: Then, who do you love me or Nina

Fabian: Nina; But Joy that doesn't mean I love you any less

Joy: Oh really

Fabian: but Joy

Joy cries

Fabian sheds her tears and kisses her

Fabian: I love you see

Joy: See what

Amber: Yeah, see what

Amber: Do you love her more than Nina

Fabian: Yes

Amber: I knew it

Nina overhears and is upset

Fabian: We'll come back and check on you okay


Fabian: Bye

Nina: Bye

Nina cries as she feels betrayed by Fabian