hello this is wiki contributer i am having a compition you have to write an article the best article wins these are the things you have to do

who is it based on !Edit

it can be based on these things

. jara

. peddie

. moy

. mickber

. fabina

alfie all alone

patrica could be new

amber could be new

eddie could be new

you can even do a comedy

to help you with that check out these stories edited by me popstar house of anubis the fun page to give you an idea

what will you win Edit

i will write you an article on whatever you want me to write about

you can do a double with me

you choose

you can start whenever you like

finishes i will tell you when

if you are doing an article for this compition write compition or for the compiton on your article so i know

if you need extra info tell me in your comment

if you would like to ask me questions about it tell me in your comment

if you would like to enter this compiton edit this and say

now there's only one thing i can say