sumery ; hay i like the idea of cinderella so i've decided to do another one my own version not the same old same old .

nina ; cinderella

vera ; stepmother

fabian ; prince

joy ; stepsister/ popular girl

amber ;best friend

mara ;stepsister / popular girl

eddie ; some dude

patrica ; populuar girl

jerome ; some dude

alfie ; some dude's best friend

mick ; some dude / popular boy

episode 1 ; just like cinderella Edit

nina is writting in her diary in her room

dear diary

i life is terrible . my dad was the best thing that ever happeed to me we did everything together . until that horrible stepmother and stepsisters of mine came into my life . why did dad have to die this is just like cinderella but the only thing is i'm no cinderella i'm a loser like everybody at school calls me and there's no way i'll get a prince charming .

nina shuts her diary

nina has a tear in her eye

nina turns her lamp of

nina goes to bed

it's morning

nina wakes up

nina streches her arms

nina gets out of bed and goes to the bathroom

she hears her two sisters fighting over the toothpaste again

mara ; it's my turn to use the strawberry toothpaste

joy ; no it's mine i want my teeth to look good for fabian

mara ; fabian this , fabian that , you act like fabian is the only thing in the world

joy ; i do not

mara ; give it to me

joy ; no it's mine

joy accendently squizzes toothpaste all over mara

joy ; oohps

mara ; oohps you wish you hadn't done that

mara squizzes toothpaste on joy

joy ; my one was an accedent

mara ; well so was mine

joy ; give it back

mara ; make me

they start to fight

then nina comes in the bathroom

nina ; will you two shut up

mara and joy squezze toothpaste on nina

mara and joy laugh

vera opens the bathroom door

vera ; will you girls k- my beautiful floor ruined with toothpaste right who did this

joy ; it was all nina

nina ; what

mara ; we tryed to stop her but she squezzed toothpaste on us

nina ; i did not

joy ; we really tryed to stop her but she won't listen

nina ; that is it

nina amber and joy are about to fight when vera pulls them back

vera ; girls you can go

mara ; okay vera

joy ; move

mara ; no you move

vera ; right nina you will clean this place up top to bottom i want to be able to see my teeth in it

nina ; but i-

vera ; no buts , you are also grownded

nina ; you can't ground me

vera ; who says i can't now get this place cleaned up

nina ; but ill be late for school

vera ; that's not my problem now get this place cleaned up

vera leaves

nina ; i hate her i wish there was some toothpaste left so i can squezze it on her ugly face

nina gets a mop and begins to clean

everyone at breakfast

mara and joy ; we've got to go now bye mum

vera ; bye darlings

5 minitues later nina comes

nina grabs an apple and leaves for school

nina is at school

nina goes to her locker

nina opens her locker

amber comes up to nina

amber ; hello my american amigo

nina ; hello my british buddie

nina and amber laugh

amber ; your kinda late wait your always late

nina ; yeah my annoying stepsisters were fighting over the toothpaste again and put toothpaste everywhere i had to clean it up.

amber ; you know you really need to teach that stepmother of yours a lesson

bell rings

nina shuts her locker

nina ;i wish i could

amber ; i've got to go to french class before i'm late or madame zoo zoo will confiscate may fashion magazine's again .

nina laughs

amber ; i'll catch you later

amber leaves

nina is walking to class when she bumps into fabian a.k.a pbe [ populuast boy ever ]

nina ; i'm am so sorry

fabian ; no worries

then joy comes

joy ; come on fabian we've got to go

they leave

nina continues walking to class

nina takes a seat

joy , mara , patrica and the rest of the populuars come

joy comes over to nina

joy ; that's my seat

nina ; oh sorry

me ; in school joy ., mara , and nina pretend they don't know each other and that there not sisters i mean stepsisters .

nina gets up she sits somewhere else

fabian ; sorry about that joy can be such a drama queen

nina ; tell me about it

fabian laughs