Chapter OneEdit

Okay this is in honour of Amber and Alfie, love you two. Amfie Loveo

Alfie had planned a midnight picnic in the garden. He had told Amber to dress fancy. He had bought a new white shirt, with black trousers and a black tie wore loose and to his style. He had given her a walkie talkie to make sure she knew when to come downstairs.

Alfie: Amber you awake?.

He said into the walkie talkie at the bottom of the stairs.

Amber: I'm awake and coming downstairs.

Alfie: Okay

He looked up to see an angel. Amber just looked more beautiful than ever. He couldn't help smiling.

Amber: What are you smiling at

Alfie: are beautiful

Amber:awww thank you and you look very handsome

He grinned. They had met at the bottom of the stairs. They smiled at each other.

Amber: What's this surprise then

Alfie took her hand and lead her out to the garden where the picnic sat. Ambers jaw dropped in delight. There sat a red gingham blanket, a little thatched picnic basket, a bottle of fanta and champagne glasses surrounded by candles.


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Amber: You did this for me

Alfie nodded his head and poured them a glass of fanta each.

Amber:Thank you

Alfie:Your welcome but Ams, you need to know I would do anything for you

Amber:You know Alfie I've been thinking

Alfie:About what?

Amber:About us, we...we have alot more

Alfie:I don't understand

Amber:I feel like in the future, after all this like school and this stuff I want to spend it with you

Alfie:Really, me

Amber:Of course, if it's okay with you I would love that

Amber:Oh Alfie

She swung her arms around him. He held her tight.

Amber: I love you Alfie Lewis

Alfie: and I love you Amber Millington

She sat back. It was Alfie's turn. He lent in and kissed her. She put her arms back around him and he put his around her. This is the start of Amber and Alfie's romance.

I joined this wiki so I could write Amfie stories and I'm really pleased with the way this has turned out. Please tell me what you think. Lucy Sauls 01:38, June 30, 2011 (UTC)