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It had been a long day. It was after lights out. However if Victor were there he wouldn't be able to hear a pin drop. Amber was just going to get a glass of milk for both her and Alfie as she was visiting his room. However as she was was walking downstairs she noticed it. Jerome and Patricia, kissing. She ran back to Alfie.

Alfie: You okay, where's the milk?

Amber: How would you feel if I told you that Jerome and Patricia are kissing

Alfie: No way

Amber: Yep

Alfie: Jerome and Patricia

Amber: Could never picture it

Alfie: Me neither

Alfie: I want to see this

Amber: In the hall I'm coming with you

Alfie: Take my hand

Amber: Okay boo

She took his hand and went to the top of the stairs to look. They were talking.

Patricia: Who should we tell?

Jerome: Definitely not Amber and Alfie they'll tell the whole house before we can finish explaining

Alfie *whispers*: His own best friend

Amber *whispers*: It's okay boo

Patricia: We can trust Nina and Fabian

Jerome: Hmmm maybe we should keep it private for a while

Patricia: Okay

They went to walk up the stairs when they saw at the top stood Amber and Alfie with arms crossed.

Alfie: Oh Amber these two look like they've got some explaining to do don't they?

Amber: Yes

Patricia: About what?

Alfie: Oh I don't know about the kissing

Jerome: Look dude it wa...

Amber: We're waiting

Patrticia: Okay busted

Jerome: Yeah busted

Amber: How long?

Jerome: About 4 weeks

Alfie: And you didn't tell me!!!!!

Jerome: You spend all your time with Amber these days

Alfie: Are you saying it's her fault

Jerome: Yes quite frankly

Alfie: Don't you dare blame my Ams

Amber: Awww boo

Patricia: What's with the boo?

Amber: He is my boo

Patricia: Isn't that a bit pathetic

Amber: No

Patricia: It is and so is your stupid boyfriend that by the way you won't be proud enough of to show to your family

Amber: How can you say that about him, he is lovely the way he is and I like him

Alfie: And we went out for dinner with both her parents and mine last friday

Patricia: hmm...

Jerome: She was right about the stupid part though

Patricia smiles at jerome he smiles back at her

Alfie: What?

Jerome: Yeah

Amber: He is smarter than you and all the boys in this house put together

Alfie: I've had enough of this c'mon Ams

Amber: Right behind you boo

Patricia: Whatever

The next morning at breakfast it was a bit uncomfortable for Nina, Fabian, Mick and Mara as Amber and Alfie walked in holding hands, glaring at Jerome and Patricia who sat at one end of the table and Amber and Alfie sat at the other end leaving the other four in the middle with complete silence.

Nina: Everyone have a good sleep?

Fabian/Mick/Mara: Yeah...

Amber: Maybe Jerome dreamt about how wicked he was to my Alfie last night

Patricia: Maybe Alfie couldn't get to sleep because he was taking into consideration how stupid he is

Nina: Guys just stop okay this is getting out of hand

Amber/Alfie/Jerome/Patricia: THEY STARTED IT!

Woa serious tension there. What should I put next?? Please tell me in the commments and also tell me what you think!! Pucktana88 xx