summery : hay people amber is new at anubis house and she likes mick but he's wih mara , mara is the populest untill amber shows up can mara continue to get everyone to like her or will amber take her place and steal her boyfriend and will amber became model read to find out

episode 1 ; oh amber milington Edit

amber is walking down the stairs

amber ; yes what is it

dad ; we have some news

amber ; the latest fashion magazine's are finally out

mum ; no

amber ; your giving me a new credit card so i can go shopping

dad ; no were sending you to a boarding school

amber ; you what

mum ; i have to go to america to be a model there

amber ; really that's great mum

dad ; and i have to go to australlia for my world tour

amber ; i don't want to go to a boarding school i'd rather live with lions and monkeys

amber is on her knees

amber ; pretty pretty please you can send me anywhere but to a boardig school i'd rather do all my homework just please don't send me to a boarding school .

dad laughs

mum ; honey i'm afraid we have no choice .. you never know you might like it .

amber ; please i'll do anything

dad ; amber your going

a few minitues later

amber ; you didn't mention were i am going

dad ; anubis house

amber ; please can we turn back and go home

mum ; no turning back

dad ; we are here

amber ; you didn't tell me this place was creepy

mum and dad laugh

mum ; trust me you will like it

me ; but will she find out in the second part comment first