Patrome hehehe

the start of patrome

Nina, Fabian, Alfie, Amber and Patrcicia are all in the living room

Nina: Ok so guys were nearly done with all the tasks just one more and this nightmare is all over

Fabian:Lets just hope nothing stands in our way

Fabian looks gazingly at Nina she gazes back lovingly to him

Alfie:Okay, Romeo and Juliet back to the tasks we need to find the other refllectors and im not sure if you remember but we could FORFEIT OUR LIVES!!!

Fabian: Oh Alfie.......your just sooo Alfie

Alfie: whats that supposed to mean?

Nina: Princess Millington why so quite today

Amber: nothing,nothing (shouts) is Sibuna gonna be over when we've finished all these tasks for Simonka

Fabian: Senkhara

Amber: Gesundheit

Fabian:No amber forget it....... Patricia why so quiet

Amber: was Trixie there all that time i didnt even notice her

Nina: yeah how come your so quite

Jerome ,Piper ,Mara and Joy walk in

Joy: whats going on here a secret meeting and you didnt invite us

Jerome pours some orange juice and Piper, Mara and Joy sit at the table Patrcia has a huge smile on her face

Piper:OMG!!!!! where's my camera, where's my camera

Mara: why whats happened

Piper: Patrcia is smiling PATRCIA IS SMILING!!!!!!! this is a very rare moment and it needs to be captured now where did i put that camera

Nina: oddly enough she hasnt spoken a word all morning

Mara: lets just enjoy the peace

Patricia: Well hello to you too Mara

Amber: what is up with you you've hardly been paying any attention in class its like your in some sort of trance

Jerome sits at the table with his breakfast with his perfectly tousled hair

Patricia: Nothing nothing's wrong with me

Joy: and that obviously means something

Alfie: come on guys we need to go otherwise were gonna be late AGAIN!

All of them grab their bags and coats and leave the house

Patricia: i'll catch you guys up i need to get something

Nina:Ok sure but there's important Sibuna stuff we need to discuss

Patricia: I'll be there soon

Jerome grabs Patricia's hand

Jerome: Miss me

Patricia: lots, i hate keeping us a secret all this sneaking around is so hectic

Jerome: I know and im sorry but think what is at stake here

Jerome kisses Patricia passionately

Alfie: (shouts) Jerome where are you, man were gonna be late for school again

Jerome: im really sorry (leaves)

Patricia: wait no Jerome............

Please tell me what you think and if i should do a chapter 2