The plot is based on Cinderella

Mara- Cinderella

Jerome- Prince

Joy- Step sister

Nina- schools DJ and step sister (nice one)

Vera- Septmother

Amber- Fairy Godmother

Fabian- (Maras best friend)

Patrica: (Popular person)

Eddie- Jeromes friend

Alfie- Jeromes friend.

Part 1:Edit

My name is Mara. Mara Jeffrey. I lived in Liverpool with my dad. He was my best friend, we did everything together. One day when I was seven I had a birthday party at my dads restraunt, it was all I could of asked for I had all my friends and family around me, when I was asked to make a wish I didn't know what was going to happen next. My dad met Vera. Who was going to be my new step mother...

(At the wedding, they come out of the chruch)

Vera had two daugthers Nina and Joy. I didn't like Joy that much but Nina she was really nice and loved music. A few months later my dad died, leaving me all alone.

(Few years later, Mara is handing Vera her breakfast)

Vera: your five minutes late! I bet this is going to be cold

Mara: listen Vera, I've got to go to school

Vera: you said that you would go to work this mourning

Mara: I've got tests to study for

Vera: There's no way that your going to go to Cambridge with that attitude

Mara: I'm sorry Vera but no

(Mara drives to Fabains house, he comes out)

Fabian: hey, you look.... tired

Mara: this is what doing two hours of making breakfast for your step famiily does to you

Fabian: that's teenage labour!

(They drive off. At school in the car park the populars take the last space)

Mara: hey!

Patrica: too bad looser

Fabian: please tell me that your not still crushing on Jerome

Mara: your right... it will never happen

(Nina walks over to them) Nina: hey guys. Mara stop blushing over Jerome

Mara: lets just go. Come on sis

Nina: hey Fabian

Mara: (whispering to Nina) you are so crushing on Fabian

Nina: is it obvious?

(Outside school Mara is texing to PranksterKing, Jerome)

Mara's phone: please tell me who you are

Jerome's phone: I can't. But I'll meet you at the dance

Mara's phone: and what about your girlfriend?

Jerome's phone: I'm ending it with her. When we are dating I feel... fake. Talk to you later

(Lunch Mara is walking with her lunch to Nina's table, Patrica trips Mara up)

Patrica: (laughs) little miss clumsy. Aw look she's got tomato sacue on her shirt

Joy: so fries to go with that (Joy throws fries on her head)

Jerome: stop being so horrible, I'll help you

Mara: I'm fine. (Walks over to Nina's table)